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8 Opportunities to Make Money in Trucking Other Than Driving

Want to set foot in an industry that is close to being a trillion-dollar powerhouse, but the idea of driving isn't for you? You're in the right place! Dive into this blog post where we uncover 8 ways to make a mark in the trucking landscape without the need to drive or be directly employed by a trucking firm. Discover where your skills fit best and kick off your earning journey.

1. Dispatch Service Company

No trucking company operates without its dispatch, a role as vital as the drivers themselves. Dispatchers handle negotiations with brokers, ensure that the driver is satisfied with a load, and monitor company profits. A recent trend in the industry has dispatchers moving away from traditional employment with trucking companies. Instead, many are launching their own dispatch service businesses, partnering with smaller trucking firms to manage their dispatch needs for a fee.

2. Safety Service Agency

Safety agencies provide various services to trucking companies, from hiring drivers and managing licenses to overseeing safety audits and more. For smaller trucking groups, particularly those with fewer than 10 trucks, it's more cost-effective to contract an external agency than to hire someone full-time. Costs usually vary per service, and there's a fixed price depending on what's needed.

3. Recruiting Service

Here's a big one. Almost every trucking company is searching for drivers. If you're savvy with marketing and can present an appealing job offer and know how to advertise effectively, this could be your niche. Your task? Partner with companies looking for drivers, use your marketing skills to locate these drivers, and connect them, all for a fee.

4. Truck Sales

Truck sales can be highly profitable when the trucking market is booming. As soon as you acquire a truck, it's likely to sell, regardless of the price. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to earn well, as demand can match your supply. However, there's a caveat: when the market declines, sales do too. Regardless of your inventory, if the market slows, sales will follow suit.

5. Fuel

Many overlook the potential in fuel sales. Regardless of market conditions, trucks always need fuel, making it a consistent expense in the trucking industry. Partner with carriers, especially large ones, and offer them fuel discounts from the company you represent. In return, you earn commissions. Begin by searching for carriers on the FMCSA database, inquire about their current fuel providers, and see if you can offer a better deal. If you can, you'll secure a loyal customer who will consistently generate revenue for you.

6. Insurance

From liability and cargo to physical damage, workers' comp, and occupational insurance, the list goes on. Insurance is one of the most lucrative areas within the trucking industry.

Given the diverse range of insurance types trucking companies need for compliance, there are ample opportunities for you to step in and assist. By becoming well-versed in the different insurance types and providers, you can establish yourself as a go-to expert. Consider this: if you can offer expertise that helps carrier owners reduce significant expenses, it can lead to substantial earnings for you. Establish your reputation in this field, and you can truly set yourself apart.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Trucking companies rely on many tools and services for themselves and their operations. If you have a strong online presence and a flair for content creation, affiliate marketing could be a great opportunity for you. Partner with trustworthy providers of these tools and services, promote their products in your content, and include your affiliate link.

Key areas to consider:

  • Logbooks

  • Trucking software

  • Load boards

  • Toll passes

  • MVR platforms

  • Fuel cards

  • Factoring services

  • Business phone solutions

  • Drug and alcohol testing platforms

8. Boss Up with Marbardar

Looking for the prime opportunity in trucking? Consider becoming an independent carrier and expanding your own empire. The essential steps include:

  1. Setting up your business.

  2. Acquiring the right equipment.

  3. Recruiting drivers.

  4. Hiring teams or agencies for smooth operations.

Though it may seem simple, the true foundation of a prosperous trucking venture rests in mastering these four fundamentals.

Want to elevate your career in trucking? At Marbardar, we're dedicated to guiding individuals towards success in the industry. Apply now and embark on your journey!

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