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Dispatch 101: Unlocking the Heartbeat of Trucking Operations

The modern trucking industry operates as a well-oiled machine, with countless moving parts working in harmony to transport goods across vast distances. At the center of this operation is the dispatcher, a skilled professional who navigates the intricate web of logistics, regulations, and communication. Dispatchers are the linchpin connecting brokers, shippers, carriers, and drivers, ensuring that the right cargo reaches the correct destination at the appropriate time. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential components of dispatch operations, shedding light on the key aspects that form the heartbeat of the trucking industry.

Rules and Regulations

While every company may have a separate safety department responsible for ensuring satisfactory safety standards, there are still several key aspects that the dispatch department needs to be aware of in order to provide a good job:

  • Setting up With a New Broker: To initiate collaboration with a new broker, shipper, or customer, certain documents need to be completed, such as contract signing, proof of operating authority and DOT number, and insurance certification. In most cases, dispatch handles these tasks.

  • Weight Limits: Dispatch must remain informed about weight limit regulations at all times. The gross vehicle weight must not exceed 80,000 pounds, and the tandem axle weight limit must not exceed 34,000 pounds.

  • Hours of Service: Familiarity with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations is essential for the dispatch department to ensure compliance and effective scheduling. By understanding the driver's available hours for the day and the weekly cycle, dispatch can make informed decisions to find the most suitable and profitable load.

Load Boards

Load boards are online platforms or systems that connect brokers, shippers, and carriers in the transportation industry. They serve as valuable tools for dispatchers, enabling them to connect with brokers, simplify the process of finding available loads, and secure transportation services. Here are some popular load boards commonly used by dispatchers:

  • DAT

  • Truckstop

  • 123Loadboard

  • Uber Freight

To effectively use load boards, dispatchers should consider the following factors:

  • Lane: Determine the route where you intend to send your trucks.

  • Weight: The load's weight significantly influences the load's price.

  • Date: Book the load for the same day or for future dates.

  • Deadhead: This refers to the distance the truck will travel empty.


Communication is paramount for a trucking dispatcher. From finding and booking a load to providing information to the driver and ensuring timely delivery, dispatch oversees all of these tasks. These are the main components to focus on:

  • Dispatch - Broker: Effective communication between dispatch and brokers is crucial for building strong partnerships and securing consistent loads. By maintaining a high level of professionalism and meeting brokers' expectations, carrier companies can enhance their reputation and receive preferential treatment in terms of load offers and steady lanes.

  • Dispatch - Driver: Effective communication between dispatch and drivers is essential for driver satisfaction and retention. As the primary point of contact for drivers, dispatch plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive relationship and addressing their needs.

  • Dispatch - Accounting: Effective communication between dispatch and the accounting department is crucial for ensuring accurate financial management within a carrier company.

Dispatch plays a critical role in a trucking business. It influences everything from revenue generation and driver retention to cultivating robust relationships with brokers and serving as a key part of the company's communication network. Therefore, dispatch can be the determining factor that propels a trucking company to new heights.

So, the next time you see a truck on the road, remember that there's a dispatcher working hard to ensure it performs its role flawlessly.

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