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Level Up and Earn More in Trucking: Step-by-Step Guide

Trucking offers many roles from company drivers to big-time owners. Many think there's a cap to earnings in trucking, but let's bust that myth right here! Dive into this guide to explore the layers of the trucking business.

Level 1: Company Driver

Kick-off your trucking journey here. After you nail your CDL exam and finish up your required training, hop in as a company driver. You could earn anywhere from 60 cents to a buck per mile (yes, trucking is that volatile). The specifics? Well, it's about the job type, miles you drive, and the equipment you use. It might be tough, but hey, it's got the lowest risk in the trucking game.

Steps: Get your CDL > Find a Job > Save some dough > Move on up!

Level 2: Owner Operator

Stepping up can be tricky, but oh so rewarding. Now, you'll get a taste of real risk. Your ability to tackle this will decide if you're climbing further. Ready for your first truck? Here's couple options how::

  • Save and buy it outright.

  • Save for a down payment, then finance the rest.

  • Team up with a carrier that offers lease-to-purchase. Zero cash upfront? Cool! Just make sure they're reliable.

Steps: Get your CDL > Find a Job > Save some dough > Get your truck > Next level awaits!

Level 3: Multi-Truck Contractor

Cracked the solo game? Awesome! Now, think bigger - more trucks, more earnings! Once you're comfy with one truck, adding more should be a breeze. And with experience, banks or carriers will likely back you. To expand, master these:

Recruiting - Find great drivers, negotiate well, and keep them happy.

Accounting - Know your cash flow. It's key to gauge how well you're doing and plan your growth.

Steps: Get your CDL > Find a Job > Save some dough > Get a truck > Add more trucks > Gear up for the next big step!

Level 4: Be Your Own Boss

Big congrats if you're here! With a fleet under your belt, it's time to fully take the reins. This means handling EVERYTHING:

  • Getting your own insurance.

  • Obtaining all licenses and permits.

  • Booking loads.

  • Managing the business from A to Z.

  • Recruiting, safety, accounting, buying gear, hiring drivers…

Steps: Get your CDL > Find a Job > Save up > Buy a truck > Add trucks > Boss up > MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

P.S. Level 4 is our area of expertise. If you're looking to advance to this level and would like our assistance, schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

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